Numbering pages in master work

Writing a thesis is quite difficult in itself, especially if a student can care about it. A separate chapter on this path to the title is the formatting of the final thesis. One of the most common queries related to the formatting of works is from which side the master thesis is numbered.

As we have normative formatting in UK, which is subject to some norm and is largely common to almost all schools and jobs, this article will be used by most college students, no matter what field they study.

The basis of the page numbering is the fact that the author’s part is numbered, which presents the author’s thoughts and hypotheses, or a summary of the issues the author deals with. The unnumbered parts of the thesis serve for the orientation of the reader or systems in the topic.

For example, an abstract that serves as a quick summary of the ideas of work, thesis, and research practices that the reader finds.

To number an introduction to a thesis?

For some parts of the thesis you will find different opinions. Some guidance suggests that the introduction to the thesis is not numbered.

However, it is necessary to distinguish between several types of introduction:

  • opening page, resp. the title page is not clearly numbered
  • there is no preface in some of the works, but those written with it should not number this part of the thesis
  • the introduction to the text of the thesis itself is numbered
  • So we do not number the abstract in the master thesis, any thanks to the trainers or those who helped us with the preparation of the materials for the thesis, neither the preface and the copy of the assignment.

Some works summarize at the beginning also terminology and foreign or professional words used in the work in the so-called. glossary. It is also numbered to make it easier to find. Therefore, he should follow the numbered part of the thesis and the content.