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Updated: August 2007
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Leaseable Space: Sites 25-31
Site 25 - Under Construction
Base Line, west of Palm Ave. Mixed use retail and office. 9,500 square feet.
Contact Shidler Development Company, Robin Shidler (800) 594-2830 x 1100 or
(909) 886-7851.
Site 26
Town Center
- Design Pending
Base Line, west of SR 30. Mixed use - retail and office, 13,055 square feet.
Contact KZ Holdings, Mark Zimmerman (949) 476-2700.
Site 27 - Begins construction in 2007
SEC Base LIne and Seine. Gas station and retail pads. 16,600 square feet.
Contact Ayar Helo at (090) 709-8483.
Site 28 - Begins construction in 2007
Farmer Boys Restaurant and Retail Pads

NWC Fifth Street and Palm Ave. Restaurant and retail pads. 9,300 square feet.
Contact Havadja Holding, Inc. Hank Lowinger (951) 275-9900.
Site 29 - Design Pending
Jack in the Box and Retail Pads
Mixed use. Restaurant, retail, and office. 13,800 square feet.
Contact Lee And Associates, Jeff Stanley (951) 684-4400.
Site 30 - Design Pending
South East corner of the intersection of Stat Route 30 and Greenspot Road. Retail, restaurant, and office. 206,000 square feet.
Contact: Edward D. Horovitz (949) 733-3306.
Site 31- Design Pending
South side of Greenspot Road between boulder Avenue and State Route 30. Retail, restaurant, and office. 93,500 square feet.
Contact: Jim Dillavou (213) 553-2200.
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