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Updated: August 2007
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Leaseable Space: Sites 19-24
Site 19
Potomac Highland Plaza, 7221-7223 Church St., Highland, CA 92346
NEC Base Line & Church St
Retail and office uses. 22 inline suites and several outpads.

Contact: Mr. Chen (626) 688-4908
Site 20
The Village at East Highlands

NEC corner Greeenspot Road & Church Street. Grocery anchor with several inline suites and outpad possibilities. Contact: Andrew Naker, Haagen Company
(310) 375-0900
Site 21
27187 Fifth Street, Highland, CA 92346, South side 5th Street, west of Palm Ave.
Business Park Center, office and light industrial. Several inline suites.
Contact: Don Sill (909) 864-0074.
Site 22
BCPC Industrial Park

27202 3rd. Street, Highland, CA 92346. North side of Base Line, west of Palm Ave.
Contact:(310) 375-0900
Site 23 - Under Construction
Stoneycreek Village
Mixed use - Retail and office. 12,700 square feet.
Contact: Gardner Development and Construction, Mitchell Gardner (909) 748-7700
Site 24 - Design Pending
Greenspot Village
North side of Greenspot Road between State Route 30 and Bo0ulder Avenue. Mixed use - Retail, office, entertainment, restaurant, 800 residential units. 807,200 square feet commercial. Contact: John Snell (909) 796-4664
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