Dissertation topic

How do you choose the topic of your master thesis?

The topic of the thesis and its choice is at the beginning of your pilgrimage to a master’s or master’s degree. How do you choose the right subject?

Choosing a master topic may seem like a trivial matter. You can choose from the topics proposed by the faculty, but some universities also offer the opportunity to design their own topic. This is especially useful if you want to focus on your specific field of study in your master thesis.

The proposed topic must be of benefit

If you decided to design your own topic, your first steps should lead you to the trainer. Take a chance with him and discuss what you want to discuss in your thesis. The trainer can guide you and recommend a different topic to your experience. If you do not want to give up the idea, think with your trainer about whether your ideas and hypotheses can be incorporated into another topic. It is essential that your output is of value to the academic community.

Although the master thesis is not a paper that will serve academics in their work – at least most of them nevertheless, universities put emphasis on making their topics not too far from the field.

Popculture in the topic of the thesis

Certainly you have already read about various, very crazy-sounding topics of master and bachelor’s theses. If not, here’s an example of some of them. Occasionally, the approved themes of works are banal and vague. Despite the humorous names and unconventional areas of research, it is important to distinguish between them in the subject matter and whether they relate to the field of study and school.

You cannot afford to write a thesis about Patrik “Rytmus” Vrbovsky at every school, but if you are engaged in humanities, such as grammar and literature, it is possible to link the very banal topic with how poetry develops in Europe in the context of rap and hip-hop. hop.

Similarly, Harry Potter is also very popular with college students. Just look at CRZP and put this literary and cinematic character as a keyword. You will find a number of bachelor’s and master’s theses that take over the pop culture symbol from different perspectives.

Subculture can be perceived as a tacky choice of theme

Even after the topic of your thesis is approved, you may encounter problems. The worst case is that the problem will be the commission on state exams. If they evaluate your work as trivial and without benefit, you will be very hard to defend it.

He should count on it a little, especially if you discuss the subculture in your work. How to avoid these problems? Use different methods of research and work with science scientifically. This can also convince stubborn opponents, and, in particular, such an approach will add an academic character to your work, which is emphasized by evaluators from the Commission.